Consumables & Other Tools

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Automotive Consumables & Equipment Ltd

For the removal of nuts/bolts from vehicles.

drive socket set 16 pieces. Range from 9mm to 32mm.

Impact Socket Set

Sockets for the removal of lock nuts.

Alloy Lock-in Wheel Nut Remover

For use with alloy wheels. To eliminate any damage to wheels.

Soft Socket Set

Set of Allan Keys.

Allan Keys

Car & Commercial Impact Sockets

ACE Automotive Consumables & Equipment Ltd

Adaptors and reducers in different sizes.

Socket Adaptors

Set of screw drivers.

Screw Drivers Set

Set of 7 various size pliers.

Irwin Pliers Set

10 Vice grips.

Irwin Vice Grips

Set of 3 various size pliers.

Pliers Set

Replacement knuckle for breaker bar.

Knuckle Replacement

Hack Saw comes with blade.

Hack Saw

Junior Hack Saw comes with blade.

Junior Hack Saw

Blades for Hack saws.

Hack Saw Blades

Packet of six.

Blue Paper Roll

Box of 100 (non powdered).

Latex Gloves

Box of 100 (non powdered).

Nitrile Gloves

3 cut off discs packet of 5.

Cut Off Discs

Packet of 100.

Silver Cable Ties

For use with brake and clutch cleaner.

Pump Bottle